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Driving Aids & Accessibility Products for Disabled Drivers

Total Ability bring the latest high quality driving aids & accessibility products to the market through our close alliance with Fadiel Italiana and SMDM. The range of products include electronic accelerators including the Satellite Accelerator, mechanical brake levers, power assisted braking & steering, swivel seat bases, transfer platforms, scooter hoists and ramps.

Our objective is to make driving an enjoyable and anxiety-free experience, to reduce fatigue behind the wheel and improve driver competency and safety. Fadiel Italiana’s philosophy and 30 years experience in the industry has earned a reputation appreciated on an international level with regards to innovation, reliability and quality.

We work with a number of installers to ensure these products are available throughout Australia & New Zealand.


Discover a new level of mobility & independence with industry leading driving aids & vehicle access products.

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