One morning Mr Speakman signed a deal to compete on two wheels in the Australian 600 Super Sport Championship; that evening, he was left paraplegic when a drunk driver knocked him off his road bike. Matt’s spirit and ambitious nature were undaunted and his motorsport ambition returned, this time on four wheels. Today Matt remains a sports fanatic, competing in racing, sailing, alpine, skiing, and kayaking events to inspire others.

A wheelchair is not the end of the road.

Success Stories


SpinalCure Australia was founded in 1994 with the sole aim of finding a cure for spinal cord injury through the promotion and funding of medical research. Twenty years ago many still believed that cure to be an impossible dream. However, advances resulting from two decades of research have brought us to a time when a solution to this devastating condition is accepted as inevitable.

Last year, SpinalCure committed over $1 million to fund some of the world’s most promising research and to help bring the best of global research here to Australia. These projects are already showing enormous potential to change lives and help Australians get back their independence.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury can happen to anyone at anytime and it’s not just about being in a wheelchair – but about lack of control, independence and freedom. You are not alone.



 A damaged or severed spinal cord means the use of limbs below the level of injury is impossible: a broken neck often deprives the person of their arms and hands, as well as legs.



The impact of a SCI on someone’s life – and that of their family and friends – is overwhelming. SpinalCure Australia is committed to finding a cure for this devastating condition.


In Australia

More than one injury of this type occurs every day and over 15,000 Australians already live with a spinal cord injury. 83% of sufferers are male.


Fast Facts

Main Causes include; Motor vehicle accidents 53%, Sporting accidents 12% (rugby, horse-riding, diving, skiing, etc) and Everyday accidents 23% (falls from ladders, slipping and falling etc).


How To Help

Spinal Cure Australia rely on the generosity of both private and corporate supporters to make research funding possible. Donate, Corporate Sponsorship, or Volunteer.



Matt Speakman is the perfect example of someone living life to the fullest, despite their disability, while still enthusiastically looking forward to a time when a cure will make that disability a thing of the past.



Words are almost inadequate in describing the power of N2C’s message. It was certainly one of the most moving and, indeed, brave student welfare presentations I have ever seen. The stories that were shared were at times confronting, yet I feel that, ultimately, the boys have been given an incredible insight into the need to make wise choices in their lives and decisions which will be positive for not just themselves, but society as well.

Paul Koff , Year 12 Adviser - Homebush Boys High School

Just wanted to send an email thank you guys for coming to school last week. The students were silent whilst listening to the gentlemen spoke!! Such a great program that send the right messages. Would highly recommend this program to anyone! Thank you again and hopefully will have you guys back in a few years time!

Sarah Cooper , Orange High School, PDHPE Teacher (NSW)

I would just like to say a great big thank you for the amazing you work your team do. My 16yr old son came home from school today more excited about your presentation than anything else for ages. It was lovely to see had learnt something and so deeply touched by your stories that he cried. Well done to all involved, please keep up the amazing work, One grateful mum xo

Michelle Blandford , Orange High School Parent

I wanted to thank you again as my son (and I ) had an experience of a lifetime and without you and your team this would not have been possible. The staff at the driving school were fantastic and friendly, please pass on our thanks.

Derek Hartshorn , Father of Top Gun Graduate

The segment relating to drinking to excess and road trauma hit home. Our boys were challenged to think about the consequences of partying and alcohol. Many are doing a serious re-think about their approach to life. Warren Luff lightened up the presentations by sharing his story and encouraged the boys to chase their dreams, with some useful hints and tools to use. I believe that N2C coming to King’s has had a tremendous impact on our students. It was worth it if “only one was saved”.

Wally Tarasenko , The King's School, Driving Wisely Conveyor (NSW)


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